barnettdidit's fanfiction bookbinding

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am a fanfiction bookbinder. If you're interested in my craft, please check out this carrd, and if you have any questions that weren't answered here, please check my Curiouscat!

Commissions are closed indefinitely.

There is NO waitlist.

Check Commissions to see how to commission me.


Commissions closed indefinitely. Details on how to commission me here.

The illustrated version of Manacled is not available anymore.
No exceptions.


Prices range from 15€ to 35€. The books on my list have set prices, but if you commission a fic I haven't done before, I can only give an estimate before the typesetting is done.

Prices only include charges for the materials needed to bind the book, and shipping. I make no profits.


-Shipping is international and prices will depend on where you live and/or how many books you buy. Everything outside of the EU will be minimum 14€, inside is 10.50€.

-Tracking is an extra 2€. It's not available everywhere though, sorry.


I accept payment via paypal only.


-The customer can choose the cover and plain edge from a selection I will provide.

-Larger books like Manacled have a rounded back by default, but for the smaller ones, the commissioner can choose a flat or rounded spine.

Requirements for including artworks or fics not on my list

-Only AO3, fics from wattpad, or others must be provided in a word document.

-All fandoms and ships allowed, except illegal ones. (Incest+Pedophilia)

-Wordcount and/or chapter limit is 300k / 50 chapters. I will do exceptions for much requested fics.

-Maximum 4 artworks per fic.

-If you want to commission a fic that's not on my list, you need the author's permission for me to bind and sell their work with no profit, and provide me with proof of them giving permission. Same goes for artists and their fanart. All I need is a screenshot.


How exactly does this work? What do you do?
I bind fanfictions as books and do commissions for people. All charges only include the cost for materials and shipping, I make no profits. I always make sure to get the author's permission beforehand. I do this for free and only expect people's respect in return!

Where/How do I commission you?
You can commission me on Kofi. I will update regularly when my commissions open. Check commissions to see more details!

Do you ship internationally?

What is your word/chapter limit for a fic?
300k words aka 50 chapters. I retain the right to deny any fic that might still fall under these requirements.

What fics do you do?
Check this list. All the fics listed here do NOT require you to get the author's permission if you wish to commission it.

Can I get Oneshots bound?
If you get each author's permission, I can absolutely do a collection for you!!

Can I choose my cover? Can I have fanart on my cover?
I have a selection of different covers available for customers to choose from to match with a plain edge. You can see a variety of those in my gallery here or in my gallery on Kofi.
I cannot do dust sleeves or otherwise on the cover. I can put fanart inside the book though!

XY's binders prices seem a bit high. How do I know it's a good price?
Sadly we have had experiences with unethical binders making a profit and being dishonest to their customers. If someone seems fishy to you, ask them to break down their prices to each individual material charge, and if they refuse or skirt the question, STEER CLEAR. HAPPILYDRAMIONE has been one very clear offender of this behaviour and she has yet to address her insane prices. Please be careful out there.

Can you make your typesets available?
I'm very sorry, but other binders have had issues with people taking advantage of their typesets and using them for non personal-uses. I spend a lot of time on mine so I am absolutely not comfortable with putting them out there for someone to abuse my kindness. Sorry!!

Do you do the illustrated version of Manacled?

No. The amount of images gave me printer issues with ink and paper, and I wasted a lot of both. I can put up to 4 Fanarts into a copy upon request, but I do not do the fully illustrated version anymore. No, you cannot pay me extra to do it. No, I will not do an exception. I cannot and will not accept a profit.

I ordered a book from Lulu/Barnes and Noble/etc and heard its not okay. Why?
I'm so glad you asked, no one has before. Companies like Lulu have publicly stated that they do not allow their being used to print fics, as the copyright holder for fics is the original creator, for example with HP fics, JKR. These companies make a profitable cut when they print these books and this could get fandom at large in trouble if any author ever decides to do something against this. No, the fic author's permission does not negate this. No, whether the profit is made on the materials only or the fic does not make a difference. profit is profit. Please do not do this. Tell people when you do see this happen. Not enough people know not to do this, and it could hurt fandom culture at large!!!

Can I get fanart inside?
As long as you get the artist's permission and can show me proof of that, absolutely!

What fandoms and ships do you do?/not do?
I do not have any limits for fandoms or ships, except illegal ships.

I messaged you on [social media site] but you didn't reply?
There are only 2 reasons why I might not reply to you: Either the DM got lost in which case I am terribly sorry and don't hesitate to DM me again - or you asked me something that is answered somewhere on this website, and I did not find the energy to send you a link that is readily available on my profile. Sorry.

I want to start out with bookbinding. Can you give me advice?
Of course! I have actually written out some things on Advice. My DM's are always open if you have more questions!!

Can I buy an extra copy of a fic to gift to the author?
Of course! Author gifting is encouraged. I can only do this because of their incredible efforts!


For Authors: If you're an author who's been approached about having their fic bound by me, please feel free to DM me on Twitter and ask me any questions you'd like. You have absolutely no obligation to give permission if you're not comfortable with it, so don't feel pressured.
About the Book Quality: I am not a professional bookbinder. I am entirely self-taught and every single book is meticulously handcrafted. I have no assistants or anything to help me out. My books are not perfect, they may come out with minor aesthetic flaws that I apologize for. If there is ever any larger issue with the book itself (mostly regarding the typesetting) I will always let the commissioner now. I want full transparency between myself and my customers!
About Profit:I do not make a profit doing this. Price only includes costs for the materials needed for binding the book, and shipping.
Rejecting Commissions: Since I do this work for free, I uphold absolute liberty over being able to reject any kind of commission I feel uncomfortable with. This only concerns people I perceive to be unnecessarily rude, and people who hold bigoted views.
Contacting me: If you have DMed me on Twitter and I haven't responded, its either because your DMs are closed and I can't reply, the DM got lost and I just forgot to reply which I apologize for (it's NOTHING personal), or you asked me something that's already been answered on here. I do this for free and I don't have the energy to repeat myself over and over just because people don't bother to read the information that is available for them.
I do this only because it's fun and I want to contribute to the fandom, and because it makes people so happy. I refuse to do free work for someone who won't bother to do any basic research before contacting me.

How to commission me

I will accept commissions via Kofi sometime when my personal circumstances allow me to do so. I currently have neither the time or the physical space to do bookbinding, and I won't for the foreseeable future. I have not abandoned bookbinding, this is against my will, and I am terribly sorry to anyone who has been waiting to commission me. This upsets me as much as it does you.
When I do reopen my commissions, my prices as displayed here currently will change.

There will be 5 slots opening, you can order up to 4 fics at once, and you will have to pay a 1€ fee to get one. I couldn't put it at 0. Real payment will go through Paypal, the details to which you will receive if you catch a slot. The slots are not donations. The two are separate, and the slots will appear separately when I open them. Do not donate to me if that is not your intention; you won't receive a slot if you give me money. Donations are 100% voluntary.

You will be asked for several details to move forward with the commission, most importantly, your contact details. You can either give your Twitter handle or email address, whichever you prefer. If you do catch a slot, I will contact you shortly thereafter to personally hash out all the details of your commission. I will include a prepared template underneath for you to fill out beforehand and to easily copy and paste so you can get the slot quickly without losing time typing.

If you don't have the necessary screenshots for permission at hand, you don't need to include them right away. You can give them to me later.

Please check the Basics and Disclaimers before trying to commission me for any fic I haven't done before.


List of Fics I want to commission (add author’s permission if necessary):

Fanarts? (add artists permissions if necessary) (just tick yes if you do want to include one):


First name:
Last name:
House number:
Street name:
Additional Address Supplements (for ex. apartment number):
Street name:
Postal code:


Flat or rounded spine?(see bottom of the page)

Contact? (Twitter handle or email address):

Special requests (if needed):

End of template

Please do mind to have the necessary permissions prepared. If I have done the fic before and it is included in my list of fics here, you do not need to get the author's permission.

All prices are listed on List of fics I've got the permission to bind. If you commission a fic that I haven't done before, I can only give you an estimate of how much it'd be. You can take guesses based on my current prices though.

We will discuss exact shipping cost and cover choices later on. Shipping can vary from 10€ to 40€, depending on how many books you are ordering and where you live. In most cases, one book to the US would be 14€, for example.

I will add onto this page as more questions come up. If you are confused about anything, please DM me on Twitter and I'd be glad to help out.

Link to my Kofi

Since I've been asked about the difference between a flat and rounded spine, I'll include a picture underneath to show the visual difference. Functionally, rounded spines are better suited for thicker books, because, the thicker a book gets, the more difficult it us to fully open it if it has a flat spine, which is why i do them as default for Manacled and The Auction, and other similarly thick books.